Liposuction involves removing unwanted fat from an area of the body.

This type of procedure might be right for you if you've ever said:

“I’ve always hated my tummy fat.” 

“No matter how much I workout, these muffin tops don’t go away.”  

“I can’t ever find boots that fit.”  

“I hate my double chin.”  

“I haven’t worn a bikini in years because of the way I look.”

It’s a common misconception that liposuction can be used for weight loss in the place of diet and exercise. Liposuction more reliably targets an area of fat that isn’t responding to diet or exercise. This is a contouring procedure that gives the best results once you’re at your goal weight and you don’t plan on gaining or losing any significant amount. Once you’re at a stable weight, then liposuction can be used to refine and sculpt areas to be more harmonious with the rest of the body. This can be used to either accentuate an area (liposuction of the lower back to make the butt look more prominent) or to reduce the prominence of an area (removing bulk and fat from the neck or bra roll).

Multiple benefits

Dr. Elston encourages patients to discuss any areas that they wish were bigger if they’re having liposuction performed. The removed fat can be transferred to other areas for augmentation of the breasts, buttocks (BBL), hands, face, and the list goes on.

The procedure

This can be performed in the clinic or operating room depending on how extensive the fat removal is. Small poke incisions are used to access the fat after using numbing medicine on the targeted areas. For more extensive liposuction cases on the abdomen, we may recommend also having a nerve block to assist with pain control during the first day.

After surgery

After surgery, you may be placed in a garment that provides mild compression depending on the area treated. Regardless, a little pressure can help with swelling initially, but after 4-6 weeks out from surgery, it may not provide much benefit. Most patients will have soreness that is mild to moderate for the first few days, but since the procedure is limited to the skin and fat the restrictions on your activity are only for the first few weeks.

Starting from $1,500 for the first smaller necks or upper bra fat. Standard liposuction first area $3,000; each additional area is $1,500. *20% deposit required for procedures over $2000, estimated low monthly payment assuming 60 months financing at 6.99% of the remaining balance.  Subject to credit terms.  For specific details, please contact our office to speak with a Patient Care Coordinator.