More commonly known as a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), fat grafting to the buttocks involves removing fat from one area of the body with liposuction and selectively transferring it to areas on the butt to improve the shape and contour. 

This type of procedure might be right for you if you've ever said:

“My butt is so sad.”

“I wish I had more curves.”

“I wish you could take the fat from here and put it all in my butt.”

A butt lift results in an increased projection of the butt as well as giving a more rounded and curvaceous figure. Dr. Elston's philosophy is that less is more, and tries to achieve a subtle augmentation. The critical parts of this surgery are judgment and restraint. You want to enhance the curves and projection of the buttocks, while maintaining a natural look.

The method

Buttock augmentation begins with detailed markings in a standing position to identify areas where fat needs to be added, subtracted, and adherent tissues need to be released to allow for expansion. For most patients, the “hip dips” need to be released and filled out and they also desire more projection of the buttocks themselves. The areas for liposuction are then numbed and fat is harvested and prepared for transfer. Your own fat is then injected under the skin to give you the butt you always dreamed of! No fat is injected into the muscle to minimize the risks of complications. Fat can be harvested from the neck, arms, upper/lower back, belly, and legs…really anywhere you have it. Ideally, you have donor areas that would benefit from contouring so you get the benefits of multiple surgeries.

If you don’t have a whole lot of fat to harvest you could gain weight prior to surgery, which can then be used to augment the buttocks. For most people that are low in body fat, it can be hard to get large volumes of fat to use for the buttocks. The good news is that if you're petite, you usually don’t need nearly as much fat to transfer to get a significant improvement.

The procedure

This procedure is only performed in the clinic and not under general anesthesia. Avoiding injection of fat into or below the muscle is the most critical aspect of keeping this surgery a safe procedure. When the areas are numbed to inject fat, it’s only the skin and fatty tissue. By only numbing these areas, we know we are staying in the safe zone because the muscle isn’t numbed up. If you were asleep during the procedure, you wouldn’t be able to communicate if it’s starting to get sore. Always safety first.

Before and after images of a patient who underwent skinny BBL for gluteal enhancement.Skinny BBL
*20% deposit required for procedures over $2000, estimated low monthly payment assuming 60 months financing at 6.99% of the remaining balance.  Subject to credit terms.  For specific details, please contact our office to speak with a Patient Care Coordinator.