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Dr. Elston | Lipedema Specialist

At our clinic, we’re focused on you and your journey.  We want to know your goals so we can help you get there.  We’d be happy to have the privilege of caring for you.

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I grew up in Indiana, and as a kid into sports, skateboarding, and getting into trouble, I never planned on going to college, let alone studying plastic surgery. 

After high school, and feeling some peer pressure to pursue higher education, I attended Transylvania University, a liberal arts college in Lexington, KY. I studied Chemistry and Biology, thinking I wanted to become a research scientist until I was convinced to go to medical school. A mentor explained that if I became a doctor I could do research and take care of patients, but if I became a scientist I would be limited to doing research. That’s all it took for me. 

After undergrad, I took time to travel through Europe and I worked in Ireland for four months as a traveling fundraiser for a children’s charity. I then returned home to enroll in medical school at the University of Louisville. I quickly met my mentor in Plastic Surgery and dove in. I did extensive research and focused on getting accepted into a residency program. I graduated with honors and started my plastic surgery training at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL.


Many people call themselves plastic surgeons despite being trained in another field and I’ve always found it pretty misleading. So, I think you should understand the following:

  1. I am a Plastic Surgeon.
  2. I had dedicated plastic surgery training in an accredited plastic surgery program
  3. I am board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which is a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialities (ABMS). The ABMS does not offer certification for Oculoplastic, cosmetic, or facial plastic surgery, so it’s a testament to my training and experience.

After I finished my training, I was recruited to stay at my program as assistant faculty for a year to reconstruct complex wounds with a focus on traumatic facial injuries, mangled extremities, and cardiothoracic defects. I worked with medical students and residents and loved my role as an educator and problem solver.

Your Local Lipedema Surgeons

My wife and I decided to make the move to the Pacific Northwest for the weather and hiking/camping. We’ve been here since 2019 when I was recruited to expand a local plastic surgery department. I ultimately left because I wasn’t happy with my ability to make decisions in my own practice. I decided I could either complain about it or do something about it…so I did.

I created The Elston Clinic to practice the way that I believe plastic surgery should be practiced. I wanted to be able to spend more time hiking and camping with my wife and our pit bulls. I wanted to work with the best staff and pay them what they actually deserve. Finally, I wanted to build the best experience for my patients. I want you to be part of The Elston Clinic family. 

At our clinic, we’re focused on you and your journey. We specialize in surgery for lipedema because we are passionate about helping our patients feel better. Lipedema has been a long misunderstood condition, and it is our honor to bring people solutions and relief. We want to know your goals so we can help you get there. We’d be happy to have the privilege of caring for you.

Now you’ve heard our story, what’s yours?


Dr. Joshua Elston
Plastic Surgeon, Owner
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LPN and Master Aesthetician
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