Reduction mammaplasty focuses on enhancing the breast by removal of breast tissue from excessively heavy breasts while also lifting them to a perkier position on the chest.

This type of procedure might be right for you if you've ever said:

“I need you to get rid of all this heaviness!”

“I have to wear at least two bras to keep them up.”

“It’s hard to find clothes that are flattering.”

Patients desiring reduction typically have back/neck/shoulder pain, rashes, or feel like they’re wearing a set of weights around their neck. Their motivation is to achieve improvement in their day-to-day life. This may include less need for specialty bras, improving their ability to exercise, or simply fitting into clothing that more closely matches their body type.

The procedure

Many patients get worried about all the incisions in breast reduction - these are mostly camouflaged well around the areola and in the breast crease. Excess tissue is removed to decrease the weight of the breast. Breast tissue is then elevated and reshaped in both procedures to give a perkier and more full appearance to the chest. Reductions are usually performed in the operating room, but some patients may be candidates for in-office reductions. It’s also prudent for many patients to see if their breast reduction can be covered by their health insurance provider. While we don’t contract with insurance providers at The Elston Clinic, we are happy to assist you with providing CPT codes and proper documentation so you can submit and attempt to have your insurance provider reimburse you for the procedure.

After surgery

After surgery, you can expect to be sore for a few days. You will need to limit your activity for at least the first 2 weeks, but then you can get back to cardio exercises. For heavy lifting, we recommend at least 4 weeks, but sometimes up to 6 weeks depending on how you’re progressing. Most patients will not require a drain after surgery. The incisions are usually pink and swollen for the first 6 weeks and then fade and soften over the next year. By 3 months after surgery, almost all of the swelling is gone and the scars have faded nicely and you have perky new breasts to enjoy!

*20% deposit required for procedures over $2000, estimated low monthly payment assuming 60 months financing at 6.99% of the remaining balance.  Subject to credit terms.  For specific details, please contact our office to speak with a Patient Care Coordinator.