After a breast augmentation or breast reconstruction, there comes a point when a patient needs to decide what to do about their breast implants.

This type of procedure might be right for you if you've ever said:

Gravity caused your implants to shift.

You chose too small of an implant and you want to be bigger.

You went way too big and you feel like something more petite would suit you. 

Dr. Elston has spoken with patients that loved their implants when they were younger but got tired of having the extra weight as well as the ongoing surveillance and maintenance, and they just want them out. The common factor with all these scenarios is that something has to be done and you have to choose if the implant is going out or staying in.

Why remove implants?

With increasing awareness about breast implant illness (BII) that may cause vague symptoms of illness in patients with implants some patients desire the removal of their breast implants and choose to NOT replace them. This is called “explantation” as the implant is removed from the body. Patients seeking explantation may do so to appear more natural or to reduce symptoms related to their breast implants.

Over time, breast implants can cause breast tissue to shrink and they can also stretch the skin.  Some patients may be unhappy with the appearance of their breasts after removal since they can be “saggy” or “deflated.” In these patients, breast lift with or without fat grafting may be recommended to get the best result.

Alternative options

Dr. Elston is very passionate about natural and lasting results and as a result, doesn’t offer breast augmentations with implants. For patients with preexisting implants, we are happy to offer an evaluation to determine if removing their implants is a good option.

*20% deposit required for procedures over $2000, estimated low monthly payment assuming 60 months financing at 6.99% of the remaining balance.  Subject to credit terms.  For specific details, please contact our office to speak with a Patient Care Coordinator.