If eyes are the window into the soul, hands are the window into your age. You may feel younger than your age, but there’s a good chance your hands are giving your secret away. 

This type of procedure might be right for you if you've ever said:

“I’ve taken care of myself, but my hands age me.”

“I wish they weren’t so sinewy.”

Hand rejuvenation typically involves restoring volume that decreases as we age as well as improving the overall skin appearance and quality.

Our expertise

Hands are delicate and there are many critical structures packed into a small area. Dr. Elston's experience with hand surgery has given him a level of comfort around the hands that other surgeons may not have. Hand rejuvenation is a low-risk, high-reward endeavor that can easily be added to other procedures, particularly if you’re already having liposuction.

The method

Volume is restored either with injectable filler or your own fat (my preference is fat since it’s permanent). Fat can be harvested from areas that have a little extra unwanted fat, so you get the benefit of liposuction of a small area (think under your neck, inner thighs, lower tummy) and adding that fat to restore lost volume to the backs of your hands. We also recommend adding skin rejuvenation with laser resurfacing to remove age spots and stimulate new collagen growth.

*20% deposit required for procedures over $2000, estimated low monthly payment assuming 60 months financing at 6.99% of the remaining balance.  Subject to credit terms.  For specific details, please contact our office to speak with a Patient Care Coordinator.